Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Introductions: Trader Zan

Hi Guyz. I'm Trader Zan. I work at a teen fashion magazine that pays me peanuts (I can only assume to keep my body teen-like and slim). When not snacking on apples, ice water, or oxygen, I buy my groceries at TJ's. My faves are Omega Trek Mix, Whole Wheat Pasta, Honeywheat Pretzel Sticks, and the Veggie Burritos. I've been a fan since my mom brought home a bag of Peanutbutter filled pretzels sometime in the early 00s'. Sometimes I am a Traitor Zan because I like Tribe hummus which TJ's does not carry so I buy elsewhere. I have a blog called strangelyattached.blogspot.com that is more design related than food related, so I relish this opportunity. But I do not relish relish. The end.

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