Monday, April 6, 2009

Introductions: Trader Jamie

In the vein of Molly and Emma, and the countless others who will contribute to this labor of love, I am going to introduce myself. I was first introduced to TJ's when I lived in Northern Virginia in 9th Grade. The place, much like life, was a mystery...but a glorious one. Now, the locations I most frequent are the Union Square and the mysterious future location at 77th and Amsterdam. I love: $2.99 Charles Shaw Shiraz and the Gueyere, Ham, and Carmelized Onion pizza. When I am not dreaming of Trader Joe's, I am a history major at an Ivy League university.


  1. jamie. we need to interview the flax as a feature of this blog.

  2. I AGREE. I also know someone (not the man who posted the missed connection about you) who works at the Trader Joe wine store.