Thursday, April 9, 2009

Review #5: Fast and Furious

A quick list of recently tried Trader Joe's products and my verdicts:

1. Trader Joe's Fish Sticks (in the teal box, lightly breaded)
Wow. I was skeptical about these but once I baked them up and paired them with Trader Joe's a little too sweet (yet still tasty) tartar sauce, I was in love. The fish in these tastes pretty normal, which was shocking. The breading is very subtle, it joins with the normal tasting fish to form an iconoclastic food product. It feels so...whimsical to eat a fish stick at the age of 21 but these are like little nuggets of my precious fish and chips from when I lived in England. Delectable!

2. Trader Joe's Edamame
Wow-wee-whoa-whoa. I think the whole world can agree that this is probably the most beloved Trader Joe's product. I'll tell the world about the love that I found (for this product).

3. Salmon stuffed with cream cheese and shrimp
This is not an official Trader Joe's product but I purchased it there nevertheless. The stuffing is a bit flavorless but the quality of the fish was good. The price is the best part about this: REAL fish for $2.99! If you added some better seasoning than what I had my disposal and perhaps a snazzy side, this could make for a reasonably thrilling meal.

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